Hello World!

I registered AHMEDATIA.COM since 3 years but it's the first time I take it seriously. Now, I committed to it. So what happened?

At the time when I registered AHMEDATIA.COM, my plan was not to just have a simple blog, my plan was to build my own web space, my own brand. But sadly I did nothing and since that I tried most of the available blog frameworks or content management systems with blog functionality to build it. I tried Orchard, WordPress, BlogEngine.NET, Umbraco, SharePoint Blog, and DasBlog but I ended up with simple landing page, the "UNDER CONSTRUCTION" page that remained there for 3 years.


But recently I read Why I Blog by Gabriel Weinberg the CEO and founder of DuckDuckGo, after I read that post, I remembered another post for Scott Hanselman which is Your Blog is The Engine of Community. Reading these two posts I got motivated again for ATIA Web Space and since that I decided to resume working on it.

I would encourage you all to blog more. Tweet less. Blogs are owned by you. They are easily found, easily linked to, and great conversations happen with great blog posts. The river of social media rushes on and those conversations are long forgotten. A great blog post is forever. Today's real-time social media is quickly forgotten. Don't be a meme, but a movement.

Because it does take a lot of effort, most people won't touch it. But that means if you do, you are all the more visible. Why are Chris Dixon, Mark Suster and Fred Wilson some of the most well-known VCs? I know they are smart, high-quality investors, but if you look in the VC world there are actually a lot of those types. You know them more because they stand out as a result of their blogs and all the other stuff that flows from them.

Today ATIA Web Space is landed and up running. Yes, it is still incomplete but I'm committed to what I've started. So stay tuned!

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