Are you FLASH Yet? Shumway lands in Firefox

Mozilla takes the Open Web seriously. Mozilla is pushing another piece of their research projects into the wild, it is Shumway. In a nutshell, Shumway is the organization's idea to replace Adobe's Flash Player on the Internet. Technically, Shumway is an HTML5 technology experiment that explores building a faithful and efficient renderer for the SWF file format without native code assistance. Definitely Shumway is a free and open source project sponsored by Mozilla Research.

It is almost one complete year since Mozilla introduced this project. At that time, Mozilla Research highlighted the following two main goals of the project:

  1. Advance the open web platform to securely process rich media formats that were previously only available in closed and proprietary implementations.
  2. Offer a runtime processor for SWF and other rich media formats on platforms for which runtime implementations are not available.

Shumway Extension

I highly recommend you to try Shumway out. The Firefox extension is available at Once installed, disable the Adobe Flash plugin in Tools > Add-ons and enjoy Shumway.

Really like that "About HTML5" option available at the context menu of Shumway player, Viva HTML5.


For more technical discussions on Shumway, HN is the place to go

Shumway - Mozilla | HTML5 Flash Player Shumway lands in Mozilla

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