Source Code Pro, Adobe’s Programmer’s Typeface

Being a programmer, Typography is an important thing for me. It is something that I may spend almost an entire day trying to get the look and feel just good. So when I install Visual Studio or when I use any new editor or tool, the first thing to do is to play with Fonts and Colors settings.

For a long time I've been using Consolas, a monospaced typeface that is included with Windows and Visual Studio. I've been using it everywhere. I'm totally agreed that Consolas is one of the best looking ClearType fonts I've ever seen. But I'm no longer using it. I dropped it for Adobe Source Code Pro.

Source Code Pro is a new font released by Adobe. It is a set of monospaced OpenType fonts that have been designed to work well in coding environments. It is almost there a year ago. Sadly I got to know about it couple of weeks back. Source Code Pro is open source, clean and attractive, really attractive. It looks great in Visual Studio, command prompts and everywhere.

Source Code Pro is available for download on SourceForge as well on Github. You can also use the fonts on the web through Google Web Fonts. I suggest you Go Pro and give Source code Pro a try.

Finally some highlights of Source Code Pro

Source Code Pro in Visual Studio
SourceCodePro - Visual Studio

Source Code Pro normal text in Notepad++
SourceCodePro - Notepad++

Source Code Pro o vs. 0 and i vs. j vs. l
SourceCodePro - Letters

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